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Top 10 Web Hosting Zimbabwe. Top 10 webhosting companies (out of 16 listed) targeting Zimbabwe, compared by their Alexa Rank. Zimbabwe current population is 13,805,084 ( #72 in the world) with 3,363,256 internet users (23.1% of population and #88 globally). This list is updated often (last update 27 Jul, 2023) and gives you a unbiased & impartial information about best web hosting in Zimbabwe (including reviews from users/customers).

  1. GetHost
  2. Tremhost
  3. Ecowebzim
  5. Freshspot Hosting
  8. Pnrhost
  9. Zimhosts
  10. Angel Walt Hosting

To start, here is an overview of the five steps to help choose the best web hosting provider for your site:

  1. Understand your website needs. Determine the website type and purpose. For example, a blog needs different features than an online store.
  2. Research and compare hosting providers. Look at the different hosting providers available, and compare their core services to find the most suitable one.
  3. Check the key features. Research the features that the web hosting company offers, especially for security and performance.
  4. Look for dedicated support. Choose a web host that offers support 24/7 to ensure that you can get help right away in case of any issues.
  5. Find the right plan. Get a suitable plan to host your website. Consider the resources and note the web hosting type.

Now, let’s look at each of these steps in more detail.

1. Understand Your Website Needs

Before looking for the right web host, understanding your website needs is essential to guide your search.

Some key factors to consider are:

  • Project scope. Decide on the purpose of your site, whether that’s a personal portfolio or a business landing page. For example, a freelance web developer handling small businesses will need more hosting resources to create multiple sites.
  • Traffic. Estimate the potential website traffic to find a web host that can provide sufficient resources.
  • Platform. Consider how you want to build the website by choosing between a self-hosted or a hosted service. Find a web host that supports the web-creation tool you prefer.
  • Features. Check the overall bandwidth and storage necessary to run your website. Note the scalability of the web hosting solution, so your website has plenty of room to grow.
  • Security. Consider the level of security you will need for your website. For example, online stores need secure servers to protect customers’ credit card information.
  • Budget. Set a budget for hosting services. Some web hosting costs more than others, so creating a budget can help organize your long-term spending

Having a reliable support team that’s ready to help 24/7 is vital to fix any website-related issues immediately. Before selecting a web host, ensure the company offers multiple support options.

Even though there are various types of support services, here are the main ones to look for in a web host:

  • Live chat. This popular customer service approach is great for getting quick responses. Most web hosts also provide transcripts of the conversation to keep track of the issue and progress.
  • Email. This method is great for non-urgent issues or inquiries. Customer service can fix the problem without responding right away.
  • Phone call. If you prefer explaining issues verbally, look for a web hosting service that offers phone support. Note that most providers only offer this as a premium service.
  • Knowledge base. Other than talking directly to a customer service agent, check if the web host has a knowledge base that answers frequently asked questions. This resource can be particularly helpful for beginners in website development.
  • Tutorials or blogs. Another characteristic of a reliable web host is providing industry-related tutorials and blog posts. This is great for people who like to learn and solve issues independently.

If you are uncertain about a provider’s quality of customer support, look for reviews about their service.

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